J&D Devota Farms started as nothing more than a dream that grew up at our kitchen table one night over dinner.

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Image of brown chicken eggs.

Farm Fresh Eggs

There’s something about a farm fresh egg that once you’ve tasted, there’s no going back to store bought. Our hens are fed organic cracked corn and feed. They have lots of space to move around and get fresh straw frequently to shin up their feathers and those eggs.

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Image of a man scouting a field of crops.

Crop Scouting

Just like people, plants and fields can get sick too. And that’s where we come in. Our experts will come out to a field and scout it, taking soil and tissue samples to test problem areas. We’ll leave you with not only a diagnosis, but a prescription of what you can do to treat the problem.

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Image of fresh produce.

Fresh Produce

Lets get fresh – produce that is. Fresh fruit and vegetables are the crowning jewel in our farm-to-table philosophy. And that’s because we know you can tell the difference between those store bought veggies you’ve been eating.

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